SurrenderLast month my book foreseen.forgiven.FREE was published. I never thought in a million years that I would be an author. It wasn’t even on my radar. Life is funny like that. You can be on one path with goals and aspirations, and then God propels you to another path entirely out of your comfort zone or capability. I think He does that to draw us to Himself and remind us of our dependence on Him. We don’t like to be dependent on anyone. We want to do things our way.

I came across this Psalm while I was studying and pondering the path on which God currently has me. “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” (Psalm 143:10) If only we could come to the Lord with this surrendered heart. “Teach me to do YOUR will, for you are my God.” Teach me Lord. I surrender to your will and walk away from mine. I acknowledge and proclaim that you are Lord of all and Lord of my life. “May your good Spirit LEAD me on level ground.” You are good, Lord. I will follow you wherever you lead me. I trust that it will be exactly where you want me to be in this season of my life.

You can get your copy of foreseen.forgiven.FREE at

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