The Choice is Yours

candy jars choice There is a very familiar story about Moses and his encounter with a burning bush in Exodus 3. Moses was in
the desert tending his flock, doing his day-to-day thing, when he saw the flames burning from within the bush. As I read this story afresh the Lord spoke three things to me about Moses’ encounter with the bush – three things that have a relevant parallel in my current life. Isn’t it amazing how God does that? He gives us just what we need when we need it.

First, Moses saw the bush. He wasn’t so preoccupied with things in his life that he didn’t notice it. (Sound familiar?) Not only did he notice the bush but he also noticed that something was different about the bush, so he went to it. He didn’t ignore it and pass it by. He didn’t leave it for someone else to figure out. He went to it. You know, when God calls us to Himself, we have a choice to either move toward Him or away from Him. What do you do when God calls you?

Second, when the Lord spoke to him, Moses listened. He didn’t pretend not to hear or understand. He didn’t walk away midway through the conversation when things started to get tough. We often miss the Lord’s voice because of the noise we allow to fill our minds. We have a choice when God speaks to us. Do you listen intently, or do you cover your ears?

Third, Moses was obedient. He wasn’t all that excited about being chosen for the task ahead, and there wasn’t room for interpretation on what to do because the Lord was very clear with His instructions, but Moses accepted the Lord’s instruction. The Lord gives us clear instructions as well. Whether we want to follow them or not is irrelevant. Our choice is to be obedient or not. (Ouch!)

Today, I choose to be more aware of the people and circumstances around me so that I don’t miss something God may have for me. Today, I choose to quiet the noise and take time to listen to the Lord. Today, I choose to be obedient.

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