Where Does the Time Go?

Clock - Old Close UpDo you have good intentions about getting things done?  It’s not that you aren’t busy.  That certainly isn’t the case.  In fact, it’s just the opposite; you are so busy that you can’t get done all the things you want to get done.  And it doesn’t matter how hard you try, and how much faster you work, there still isn’t enough time to do it all.

I find myself often in this predicament.  I make my to-do lists and work frantically throughout the day to put a check beside each task only to reach the end of the day with a number of lonely tasks waiting for their check mark.

Earlier this week the Lord had me reading in Luke 10, the story of Mary and Martha.  You remember the story, right?  Jesus stopped by the home of Mary and Martha for dinner and while Martha busied herself with all of the preparations Mary sat at the feet of Jesus listening to Him teach.  Martha asked Jesus to scold Mary for not helping, but instead He scolded Martha, telling her Mary had chosen the better thing.  Reading the story again had me thinking about how many times I choose the better thing.  And how many times I don’t.

I love my time with the Lord.  I really do.  But I am ashamed to admit that there are times that I choose my “To Do” list over my time with the Lord.  And many times the things on my “To Do” list aren’t even necessary things.  They are just things that clutter up my mind and my time, taking me away from the better thing.  My intentions are good but that darn “To Do” list looms over my head.  It begs the question: Am I master over my “To Do” list or is my “To Do” list master over me?  If I were truly master over my list I would take charge and determine what things  were important and actually made it to the list.  If I were truly the master of my list I would take charge and prioritize how I spend my time.  Too many times, however, I jump out of bed and start tackling the list with fervor.  It might even include quiet time with the Lord, but when it is just another item on a list, waiting for a check mark, it’s not the better thing.  When I choose the better thing I sit at the feet of Jesus, eyes focused on Him, listening intently to His words, and completely unaware of that pesky “To Do” list.


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